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" Learn what, Most people will

never know

about the game of Blackjack... "

Inside you'll learn ...

  • My Proven Mathematical Winning Strategies.
  • The most common myths and misconceptions people toss around that are simply mathematically False.
  • The reason why no card counting systems works anymore.
  • Why where you play; is as important as how you play.
  • Which online casinos to play at ?
  • Which Blackjack games to play and more importantly which to ones to Avoid.
  • Simple money management techniques that will grow your money and keep you OUT of TROUBLE..
  • How to prepare yourself mentally and physically before you play.
  • Secrets of how the casinos manipulate you…… that they don’t want you to know about!!
  • How not knowing key information - is costing you a lot of money.
  • And lastly, you get the Svengali Blackjack newsletter full of tips and best strategies...

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Svengali Special Report No. 1

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